About AmStaff Major

AMSTAFF MAJOR is an International Specialty Show for American Staffordshire Terriers.

It was created as a need to establish one notable and distinctive Specialty on European continent, following the model of the Specialties for Dobermanns (IDC Sieger), Boxers (ATIBOX) and Rottweilers (ADRK Sieger). 

AMSTAFF MAJOR should become a measure of value and quality of AmStaffs, such as the aforementioned specialties, known throughout the world.

Our main goal is that AMSTAFF MAJOR should be held each year in a different country, with the best judges available at the moment, guaranteed fun and good times for all participants!

 Amstaff Major #1, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2011.

 Amstaff Major #2, Virovitica, Croatia, 2012.

 Amstaff Major #3, Kamenny Mlyn, Slovakia, 2013.

 Amstaff Major #4, Szilvasvarad, Hungary, 2014.


09.May 2015, Timisoara, Romania

Judges: Mr. Clay Coady & Mr. Bruce Schwartz from USA 



If you are interested in organizing Amstaff Major in the future, please contact us! 

AMSTAFF MAJOR license owned by:

Mirko Popovic (Sixfoot's Amstaffs) & Vladimir Mihaljcic (Royal Nobleman's Amstaffs)